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Who are we?

20 Jan
minnette vs. corey is a collaboration and rivalry between two jewellers. The basic ideas it that by working together we are able to pool more genius, skills and ideas into our designs, while the competition betweens us motivates our designs to be more awesome.


Our design goal is to create jewellery that is fresh and modern, but also cute and everyday. Something that we would wear, well mostly that Minnette would wear. We also try as much as we can to keep our designs handmade in order to help give it a kind of soul and ensure a high level of quality.


We keep our design ideas fresh by regularly competing in bouts. Here friendly competition encourages us to innovate within a set of constraints that can include materials, colour, shape and theme.


You can follow and be a part of this competition by following and voting on the bouts through this blog and facebook.

Dividing her time between the metal swarf of JamFactory, the inedible lolly factory and just hanging out with cute monsters, Minnette decided she needed more. Her options, Mexican wrestling or battling Corey in the arena of jewellery. Short of a shiny outfit and constant taunting by Corey she chose the latter. Now she is the peas to Corey carrots in this whirl wind adventure.

Bored of his job, Corey sought out the great Minnette to teach him the ways of jewellery. Now Corey works in an office by day where he doodles his jewellery designs on post-its. Then at night he puts on his onesie and turns into a jewellery making machine! He still considers himself to be the young grasshopper of the group as he has so much to learn.